Paying by BPAY and how to use BPAY

(1) Look for the distinctive BPAY logo on each bill you receive

(2) Call your phone banking service or log onto your Internet banking service

(3) Select the bill payment option and follow the simple instructions

(4) Wait for the receipt number

The Benefits of Using BPAY
Your Financial Institution and BPAY offer you new advantages over the old way of paying bills. Convenience Dial one number to access your bank accounts and pay your bills. You can pay many bills with just one phone call or in one Internet banking session - 7 days a week, day or night.

Depending on the type of bill, you choose between cheque, savings or credit card accounts. No more visits to your branch to swap funds between accounts. And you still collect your reward points when using your credit card to make BPAY payments *

You decide when you want to make a payment and from which account. You keep control over how you manage your money.

You are always dealing with your financial institution, not a third party. And every payment can be confirmed with a receipt number.

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