How do I send my order to a different address?

There are a few ways this can be done and the processes have been listed below:

Please Note - Important
- In order to change your details, you will need to be logged in.
- This will not adjust the shipping details of currently pending orders, these changes will only affect new orders entered after the details were changed.
- If you have an order pending and require the shipping address to be changed or corrected, please call us to ensure this is done straight away.
We will not be held liable if you Fail call to confirm the address change before your order leaves our warehouse.

- Add or Edit/Delete Addresses in your account - (prefered method)

Your address book is used to permanently store a list of shipping addresses for your orders. You can add as many entries to it as you like. Any address in your address book can be chosen as the delivery address for your order when you are using the checking out to complete your order.
Your address book can be found by clicking the "Address Book" on the right hand side of our website.
Click here to go to your address book.

- Add or Edit/Delete Addresses during checkout -

Express Checkout
When you are using the "Express Checkout" this will default to the last shipping address used, however the is an option to "Change Address".
At this stage you can select an alternative address already added, you are not able to create a new address here.

When you are using the "Checkout" this will default to the last shipping address used, however the is an option to "Add Address" &"Edit Address".
"Add Address" will create another delivery address for you to choose from.
"Edit Address" will allow you to adjust or remove the address in the list.

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